“Angeline is an absolute gem to work to and she is excellent at communicating, asking the right questions and learning the tasks. She is also proactive in her work which I truly appreciate. I would highly recommend you have her on your team, anytime.”

“I’ve worked with Angeline for a year and she’s been amazing! She’s well rounded and competent in all the things I need her to do. She currently manages my inbox, sends email campaigns, edits blog posts, does graphic design work and is very tech-savvy, which is especially useful with tech-specific customer service emails. I love that she is highly skilled in all my various software (active campaign, MemberPress, WordPress, Clickfunnels)! Angeline doesn’t need to be micro managed, she’s so easy to work with and always delivers on time. She also didn’t need very much training when I first brought her on, which is such a huge time saver! I love Angeline :)”

“We’ve really enjoyed working with Angeline and have benefited immensely since she started in the fall of 2016.

What I like the most about Angeline – and there are many things – is her broad skill set. Her ability to take on any task and deliver it within tight timescales, without any fuss to an exceptional standard. She has simply been amazing for us. Whatever helped we’ve needed, Angeline has been there to help!

She has taken a lot of headaches away from our desk and has solved many problems very quickly that would have taken us an age to resolve. She has delivered all of her work with barely a need to ask any questions. As a business leader, that’s what you want

Angeline is exceptionally responsive, has incredible initiative, a can-do attitude, takes to new tasks very easily, is able to deliver exceptional quality work in tight timeframes and she is also a really lovely person.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the growth we’ve had over the last 18 months – 2 years without her input. Things that are complicated to us seem perfectly simple to her and having someone like that around your business, that just fixes things, solves problems and makes things in the back tick, is so important. It is hard to put a value on it, especially because as entrepreneurs I think we get lost in the whole revenue and growth cycle. She has worked with us to help us set up a business that is scalable and we are being rewarded as a result.”

“I have LOVED working with Angeline. She helped me put together two virtual summits – the first when I had no idea what I was doing. She is fast, efficient and as an American, it is wonderful to have work done and ready to go when I wake up in the morning! I would highly recommend Angeline as a wonderful addition to your team.”

“Angeline gets the job done as she is a terrific problem solver. When assigning projects to Angeline I am able to trust, with 100% confidence, that she’ll make great decisions and successfully complete the assigned tasks. An organization that includes Angeline is simply better. I recommend her without hesitation.”


“I’ve worked with Angeline for almost two years now and i highly recommend her! She is very reliable, dependable and has a lot of great skills. She has delivered every project on time and with great accuracy. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

“Angeline is a dedicated and loyal VA. When given clear instructions she performs tasks extremely well and has a fantastic knowledge of all the online tools that and entrepreneurs or small business owners would need. She’s also very proficient putting together and posting social media content across various platforms. Angeline is also a pleasure to work with and one of the best of many VAs I’ve worked with over the years.”

“Angeline is a true gift from heaven! She responds promptly, is 110% trustworthy, and pays attention to details. She takes initiative in asking clarifying questions before diving into a project. She sky-rocketed the speed of completion of my masterclass. And, she’s so talented in so many online tools!”

“I’ve worked with Angeline for a couple years now. She always does excellent work, delivered on time. She’s always a pleasure to work with and you never have to explain things to her twice. She’s very bright and good at figuring things out.”

“Angeline is a self-starter. She can take on tasks with very little direction and deliver something beautiful. I have so enjoyed having her support with a variety of administrative jobs as I’ve grown my business. Help like this is not easy to find. Thank you, Angeline!”

“Before working with Angeline I’d have to-do list that never saw the light of day. It simply sat on my desk or in my phone and i always found myself too busy to get most of it done.

Since working with Angeline, I’ve gained my freedom back. I know that when I send Angeline any task that she will get it done on time and exactly as it should be done. I don’t have to worry about if she can figure out her way around Clickfunnels or figure out how to send an email in Active Campaign or even give direction for turning audio messages into blog post.

She has a code of excellence that she puts into every project she completes. I don’t know what my business would be like without her help in making it what it is.”

“To me, Angeline is a tech fairy! I have no idea how she does it but she just makes it happen. She makes sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are working together. Angeline is also great at following instructions when I need her to set something up for me in a specific way. I don’t know what i would do without her. She is so helpful, reliable, very nice and friendly. And she delivers every single time.”

“Angeline did a variety of tasks for me managing and adapting my website – all the stuff i don’t want to worry about! I found her helpful, knowledgeable, prompt, friendly and easy to communicate with, with a very high level of English.”

“Angeline worked with me for over 2 years and was fantastic. She has great communication skills and knows how to get the job done. I would not hesitate to hire her again! Thanks Angie!”

“The work Angeline did for us was accurate, on time, and professional. She was a pleasure to work with, and look forward to doing so again in the future.”

“Thank you Angeline for always being so flexible and willing to work with my haphazard work schedule! I appreciate your help with aspects of social media that I know nothing about. If I need help again, I’ll know who to come to.”

“Our company continues to use Angeline for content research as well as website management and various administration tasks because she does reliably good work – we trust both her results and her work habits. She is straightforward and communicates well. She is an intelligent woman who is taking a piece of the world for herself through hard work and integrity, and that’s the kind of person we like to work with.”

“I was very happy with Angeline’s work. She successfully completed a wide range of tasks related to installing and customizing WordPress websites. She is efficient and on time, quick to respond to emails and delivered with great results. I look forward to working with her again.”

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